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What's happening at the Foundation

Darwin Aboriginal Art Fair

Catherine Croll has an extensive knowledge of the Northern Indigenous arts community and will lead out tour to Darwin from 7-12th August 2019. Express Read More

THE ERSKINE PLEDGE: a gift to Newcastle

The Foundations donation to the James Erskine Pledge; Lindy Lee's The First Immeasurable Love (an unbounded heart) 2017. Read More

For the LOVE of ART dinner

Members, guests and artists celebrated at the Foundations For the Love of ART dinner Read More

Elisabeth Cummings: interior landscapes - Exhibition Preview

Foundation members and guests joined Elisabeth in celebrating a lifetime dedicated to making art. Read More

A Soirée in the Gallery

As well as being entertained by James Erskine's anecdotes of the art world, members and their guests heard that, from his experience, benefaction - whether it be the donation of artworks or funds - generates feelings of “contentment without loss”. Read More

Abstraction: Celebrating Australian women artists.

Preview of the exhibition for NAGF Members and Friends.
Exhibition preview guest speaker and artist Janet Dawson beside her work, The Origin of the Milky Way, 1964, oil on canvas, Gift of Ann Lewis A0 2011. Read More


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Darwin Aboriginal Art Fair Trip

$100 deposit and registration of expression of interest. Darwin Aboriginal Art Fair Trip 7th-12th August 2019 Read More

Virginia Cuppaidge - Exhibition Preview with the artist

One ticket to Exhibition Preview: the nature of abstraction 5.30pm Friday 10th May 2019 Read More