2020 NAGF Annual General Meeting

There will not be a physical AGM at the usual venue, Newcastle Art Gallery.
The AGM proceedings are due to commence at 6 pm, or after quorum is achieved.

 NAGF AGM 6 pm, Monday 9 November 2020

How do I participate in the virtual AGM?

Press here for the Meeting Notice and Agenda

Zoom, a video conferencing website, will allow NAGF members to watch and participate in the AGM from home or work. The NAGF Board have been using this platform to meet during 2020. If you do not have camera facilities on your computer, iPad or phone, you will be able to join the meeting by audio only. All you need to do is sign up for a free account at zoom.us.

After we receive your RSVP, and on the day of the meeting, we will send you a meeting link, or you can access the meeting with the Meeting ID and Password which will be sent to those who RSVP via your zoom APP.

Our Constitution states that we need a quorum of members to attend the AGM, so please make an effort to attend virtually. The AGM is a great opportunity to share our 2019-2020 successes, and report back to our Foundation members.

The AGM meeting will open from 5.50 pm. You might want to allow some time to log in if this is your first time using the program.

Email: Dawn Mullane with any questions at harefield2@bigpond.com

Some Zoom tips:

  • Microphone on mute unless speaking
  • Announce name before speaking
  • We will generate a report from Zoom of who participated to record attendees
  • The AGM will be audio recorded to assist with minute taking

What is the purpose of the AGM (Section 20 of NAGF Constitution)?

The Annual general meeting of the NAGF is a constitution requirement.It serves to:

  • To confirm the minutes of the last annual general meeting.
  • To receive from the Board Chair and Treasurer, reports on the activities of the association during the last preceding financial year.
  • To elect members of the Board.
  • To receive and consider the audited Financial Statements of the Foundation and Foundation Trust.