Black Totem II

Brett WHITELEY. Black Totem II sculpture, a fitting accompaniment to the gallery. Read More >

Bombe ( Cape Bulbs )

Robyn STACEY. Image courtesy of the artist. Type C print on paper Read More >

Purkitji ( Sturt Creek )

Boxer MILNER TJAMPITJIN. © Boxer Milner/Licensed by Viscopy 2016 Read More >

Storm, Wangi

William DOBELL. Storm, Wangi © William Dobell/Licensed by Viscopy 2016 Read More >

King Sun & the Hunter 2016

John Olsen OBE, AO. Acrylic on Linen. © John Olsen 2016 Read More >

Richard BROWNE

Coola-benn, Native chief of Ashe Island, Hunter River New South Wales.
Burgun 1820. Read More >


Tony TUCKSON © Tony Tuckson/Licensed by Viscopy 2016 Read More >